3 Awesomely Pointless Gadgets of 2018

If you’re a tech lover and haven’t been on top of this year’s innovation revealed at  the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), you’re going to appreciate a few of these new devices. These three eccentric gadgets are pointless if you really think about it, but they sure are something to get excited about in 2018!

Razer’s Project Linda

razer laptop smart phone with color display
Source: https://www.razerzone.com/projectlinda

This laptop turns your Razer smart phone into the touch pad of a laptop. Simply fit your phone into the device and  your phone screen appears as the laptop screen. Pretty cool for those who don’t have access to a laptop or computer, but it’s being marketed as an UltraPortable Laptop – which seems like such a niche market. For that reason, I’m not sure how successful this product is going to be.

The $8,000 Umbrella by Shadecraft

solar sunflower sustainable umbrella
Source: https://shadecraft.com/sunflower-v2/

We can thank robotics for this artificially intelligent umbrella, Sunflower. Count on this pointless gadget to move with the sun, act as an entertainment system, and has a built in security camera. Although, I do think it’s awesome that this is actually the World’s First Smart Shading System. From a marketing standpoint it’s a good value propostion. Which could be why they’re able to sell this bad boy for eight grand… yup that’s $8,000. [Not] Worth it?

Harman’s Moodroof

Harman Moodscape car screen with trees

This car ceiling is my favorite awesome gadget on the list because it actually is the most pointless. Harman International has developed a high-tech screen that covers the ceiling of your car and plays different videos dependent on one thing, you guessed it – your mood! It can sync up with your music to disdiplay vibrant imagery that mimics the tone of your music. Sure it might be a good toy to have for kids on long car rides – but talk about the ultimate driver distraction. Though I could see this being really succesful in creating a better experience for limos or party bus vehicles, but if you can’t look at your cell phone while driving, you shouldn’t be able to look at fake trees or purple clouds passing above you on a giant QLED screen.

You can check out this article on Business Insider and The Inquirer for a closer look at some of these awesome devices.

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